Power Up and Digitalize Your Utility Company

Operators in the energy and utilities sector face a “perfect storm” of challenges. Heightened regulation, increased competition from new entrants and the requirement to provide increased customer value in a rapidly changing industry, all mean that utilities providers must become smarter in how they operate.
Join SEEBURGER at DISTRIBUTECH 2018 to learn how SEEBURGER can help your utility become a smart enterprise.


The prerequisite to being able to provide new digital services and products is the ability to have a fast go-to-market time and fully leverage the potential of your know-how, and your data. While legacy systems have provided a stable platform for providing various services to customers and partners in the past, they prove to be inflexible to the needs and the way customers and partners want to interact digitally with their utilities providers. SEEBURGER offers a digital platform to help you gain momentum in becoming a smart and digital enterprise.

Join SEEBURGER a this event to learn how digitalization can help your utility to quickly adapt to new industry trends and meet customer needs in a faster and more user friendly way, like:

  • Easily transfer AMI data from Smart Meters to your Energy Data Management and ERP system
  • Simplify your manual onboarding of Distributed Energy Resources (DER)
  • Quickly onboard trading partners using automated systems and self-service tools
  • Share sensitive files, like maintenance plans, UAV videos of power plants and transformation stations in a secure and reliable way
  • Interact with consumers by showing them on demand consumption information and ways to monetize energy saving
  • Efficiently and easily remain compliant with ever-changing industry regulations (FERC, NERC, etc.).

Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, 900 E Market St, San Antonio, TX 78205, USA
23. - 25. January 2018  |  USA